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Aug 3, 2017 - Enter your serial number or activation key and click Activate to start the. Click Start > All Programs > Ipswitch WS_FTP 12 > Right click on.

Ipswitch is retiring the WS_FTP LE product. But now you can purchase WS_FTP Professional, our top-of-the-line file transfer client, for only $49.95. WS_FTP Professional offers much more than WS_FTP LE: • More Security: Protect files at rest with OpenPGP encryption and in transit via SFTP (FTP over SSH) or FTPS (AES 256-bit encryption). File integrity checking using SHA-1 or SHA-2.

FIPS 140-2 certified. • More Flexibility: Transfer files over FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SSL, SSH and HTTPS/S transfer protocols. • More Automation: Restart transfer upon fail, auto-delete files, enable email notifications, and compress or encrypt files upon transfer. • Better Support: All customers get access to online support, knowledge base and community. Optional unlimited email and telephone support available. Simple WS_FTP LE (Retired) WS_FTP Professional Connection Wizard – Step-by-step instructions to help you quickly connect to an FTP server.

Yes Yes Easy File Transfers – Simple drag-and-drop or single-click transfers. Yes Yes HotDrop – Transfer files by dragging them to a designated HotDrop folder. Yes Yes Web transfers – Connect and transfer files over HTTP/S connections with full file/folder listings and navigation. No Yes Networked UNC Paths – access shared drives in your local folder by either IP address or machine name. No Yes Choice of Protocols – transfer protocols include FTP, FTPS/SSL (256-bit), SFTP/SSH (256-bit), HTTP/S (256-bit). No Yes Functional Performance – Quicker display and faster navigation through large directory trees when opening/closing the application.

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Yes Yes Quick Search – Easily locate and transfer files using Windows® desktop search engines. Yes Yes Thumbnails – Thumbnails of images on your computer or any server that you connect to. Yes Yes Linked Folders – Simultaneous folder navigation between any two connections with the same tree structure. Yes Yes Customizable Interface – Define your color, sounds, toolbar, and sorting preferences. Yes Yes Logging – Easily keep records of FTP activities with the Transfer History and Connection Log. Yes Yes Email Notification – users can easily set up email notifications to be automatically sent when a transfer occurs.

No Yes Post-Transfer Automation – schedule a post transfer action: delete, move or rename the source file. Use scripts to automate recurring tasks. No Yes Schedule – schedule one time or recurring file transfers. No Yes Compress – files can be automatically compressed. No Yes Secure Basic 128-bit Transfer Encryption – Basic 128-bit encryption protects files from being compromised during transfers over SSL / FTPS connections. Yes Yes File integrity checking – File integrity checking uses built-in CRC32 and MD5 file verification mechanisms to validate that transferred files have not been compromised. Yes Yes Enhanced SSL Certificate Management – Import full Certificate Authority from PKCS#12 formatted certificates into the Trusted Authority database.

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Yes Yes Built-In File Encryption – OpenPGP encryption of files and folders locally or before transferring files to a remote server. Sprint layout 70 rus torrent full. No Yes AES 256-Bit Encryption – 256-bit AES encryption protects files during transfer over FTPS/SSL, SFTP/SSH or HTTP/S. No Yes Guaranteed Delivery – Built-in file integrity algorithms including SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 to ensure files are not compromised in transit.> No Yes.

Integrated File Encryption OpenPGP encrypt files for secure file management before and after transfer. Fully integrated public-key/private-key file encryption supports AES and 3DES ciphers, offers signature (key) strengths from 1,024 to 4,096 bits, and supports RSA and Diffie-Hellman key types.