Janome Memory Craft 6000 Service Manual

Best Sewing Machine Ever Made The Janome Memory Craft 6000 is literally the best sewing machine ever made. I bought a new one in 1985 so I have had experience with this model.

My old one broke so I went in search of another just like it. It is an incredibly strong machine that will literally sew anything your can get under the needle without hesitation. I have done everything from fine, delicate, detail sewing to heavy winter coats to upholstering the couch. It was the first 'computerized' machine made. It may be an old model but it cannot be beat.

Instruction manual for Janome memory craft 6000 Thanx for your answer abt my janome machine.the only thing written on it is Janome Sencor craft, Model 6000 and then this num is given beneath it 840252931.

And oh yes, my old machine works if I use the foot pedal from the 'new' machine so now I have two! Best Machine ever made. Much to my surprise I found my Memory Craft 6000 at a local Thrift Store in Spokane Washington. I took 24 hrs.

To decide to purchase it, upon my return to the store it was still there much to my delight. I paid $29.99 for it. It was complete and had the instruction book included. Ive been learning to use this somewhat challenging machine and studying the manual to get the full use out of it. Primarily I am making curtains for my new home, my Industrial Juki was too heavy duty for this purpose thus my reason for the purchase of the New Home Sewing Machine. Im amazed at all the features and capabilities of my new machine and Im sure it will be the end of my considering any other machines for the rest of my life.

I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to own what can only be describe d as the best Thrift Store find of the century. Verified purchase: No •.

• SERVICING MANUAL. • TABLE OF CONTENTS To change the face plate and top cover. 3 To change the belt cover unit..4 To change the bed cover unit..5 To change the base unit..6 To adjust the needle position..7 To adjust the needle bar height.. • TO CHANGE THE FACE PLATE UNIT AND TOP COVER UNIT FACE PLATE UNIT TO REMOVE Remove the two screws, and remove the face plate. TO ATTACH Tighten the two screws slightly, and attach the face plate. Close the face plate, and check the unevenness between The face plate and arm.

Tighten the screws securely. • TO CHANGE THE BELT COVER UNIT TO REMOVE Loosen the screw A and remove screws B, C and the washer. Loosen the screw D completely, and remove the belt cover unit. TO ATTACH Insert the belt cover in the front panel. Replace screws A, B. • TO CHANGE THE BED COVER UNIT TO REMOVE Remove the base cover (see page 6).

Remove the two screws A, and remove the base lid. Remove the two screws B, and remove the bed cover unit. Then pull out the connectors from the connector supporter and disconnect them. • TO CHANGE THE BASE UNIT TO REMOVE Remove the base cover.

Pull the connectors for the X-axis and Y-axis motors from “A” board. Remove the 4 screws and the base unit. TO ATTACH Follow the above procedure in reverse.

Check the position of feed dog “UP and DOWN”. NOTE: 1) Set The base unit that the right side of knee lifter link (4) claw should match the knee lifter plate on the base unit (see page 30). • TO ADJUST THE NEEDLE POSITION When straight stitch #2 is selected, the needle should be at the center hole of the needle plate. When the zigzag stitch is selected with the zigzag width set to the maximum (7.0), the clearance between the side of the needle and the outer edges of the left and right needle plate holes should be 0.2 mm or more. Download farming simulator 15 pc repack free. • TO ADJUST THE NEEDLE BAR HEIGHT The needle bar height means the distance between the upper edge of the point of hook and the upper edge of the needle eye when the point of the hook meets the right side of the needle in the upward travel of the needle bar from the lowest position with stitch pattern #2 ( selected.

Janome memory craft 6000 service manual software

• TO ADJUST THE HOOK TIMING When pattern #2 ( ) is selected, the amount of ascending travel of the needle bar from its lowest position to the position where the tip of the rotary hook exactly meets the right side of the needle should be 3.25 to 3.55 mm. • TO ADJUST THE UPPER SHAFT SHIELD PLATE POSITION NOTE: When the machine is set for zigzag stitching, the needle should start to swing 7.0 to 8.2 mm above the surface of the needle plate. Remove the top cover unit. Turn on the power switch. Then select zigzag pattern #8 (see page 8). Turn the hand wheel toward you slowly with your hand until the needle starts to swing. • TO ADJUST THE NEEDLE THREAD TENSION Turn on the power switch, select the pattern #9 ( ) and press the S/S key to turn the hand wheel 2 to 3 rotations.

Open the face plate and adjust the thread tension with a screwdriver in the direction of: A to looser the tension. • TO ADJUST THE TENSION RELEASE MECHANISM FOR KNEE LIFTER When the presser foot lifter is raised, the tension disc supporter should move by approx. 0.8 mm before adjusting the tension release mechanism for the knee lifter. Remove the top cover unit (see page 3). Lower the presser foot lifter, raise the needle bar to its highest position, attach the foot (A) and lower the presser foot.