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Qaraghandy Qaraghandy, Kazakh. Wassily The first settlement appeared in 1856, and small-scale began in 1857 to supply a nearby copper smelter. Mining ceased in the 1920s but expanded quickly after 1931 following completion of a railway link and a decree that the Qaraghandy basin was to be developed as a major coal-mining area to supply industry in the. Qaraghandy was made a city in 1934 and an oblast (province) administrative centre of the Kazakh S.S.R. In 1936; by 1939 its population had swollen to 166,000.

Created Date: 4715Z.

Forced labour was extensively used in its development. The city’s importance increased during, when the Germans occupied the, and the Parkhomenko coal-mining machinery works was among those evacuated to Qaraghandy. Coal mining and the production of coal-mining machinery still dominate Qaraghandy’s industry, but there are also major iron and steel works, utilizing ore from Karazhal and Lisakovsk; in addition, there are large cement plants and also food and other light industries. By 1972 the concentration of industry in Qaraghandy had reduced water supplies in a region already semiarid and necessitated the construction of a canal from the Irtysh (Ertis) River to Qaraghandy, which was dedicated in that year. The city consists of several dozen settlements scattered over an area of approximately 300 square miles (800 square km), but there are two main areas, the Old and New towns. The Old Town grew up in a haphazard fashion in the early years and includes more than 20 pit settlements, whereas the New Town, to the south, begun in 1934 and designed as the cultural and administrative centre, has wide streets, parks, and such monumental buildings as the Miners’ Palace of.

There are several institutions of, including a university (1972) and medical and polytechnic institutes. There are also a number of research and design institutes, a museum, theatres, a television centre, and a botanical garden.

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