Kartochki Shemi Svojstva Vodi V Detskom Sadu

It should be a good read for anyone to appreciate what Professor Marija Gimbutas had to say, repeated in a book titled 'Ancient women of prehistory, three million years of peace, 6000 years of war', by Foster and Derlet. Ancient figurines in Eastern Europe all were of women.

In the major religions, Islam, Christianity, Jews all show males in religious dominance- Imam, Minister, Priest, Rabbi.The exception in North America is the shaman who is a woman. This speaks of a descent from matriarchy to patriarchy. Scotlands trains have a woman's voice indicating stops, while elsewhere a male voice occurs. This is the fundamental problem and until women are recognised for a spiritual gift as, the religious backdrop is not going to change that much. Until planet earth understands this and that spiritual giftedness is the anti-thesis of an organised 'anti-God' religion which is the religion for many in the US, then continued clashes must be inevitable. The Islamists live and breath superiority over all non believers, they denigrate and dictate that gay people are to be killed.

But what does a society that has no women except slave bodies to rape do!!! Yes, they run around raping everything in sight, which is what they are doing in westernised countries. In islamic or eastern countries they run a secret agenda. Young boys of 7years are sold into slavery for the sexual satisfaction of muslim men, they are kept for such purposes for only a few years and then thrown aside.

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By then most are drug addicts and return to their original captors for their fixes. The lives of these children sold into slavery is one of constant rape, drug addiction and a life of crime.

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(essentially a very short and horrific life). People may be more aware of the young girl children who are also sold and married to old men for a night. Family values, protection of children, protection of women, no laws IN ISLAM to protect anyone except MEN. Europe and the sadly the UK have lost sight of why they are in power, One imagines they were elected to work for and protect the people.

That page seems to be missing from politicians to do list. Where are all these Women Lib's and Feminists who seek equality for women? Do they only go after white males? Isn't that a form of discrimination? I was there when the Women's Lib came into being. They had some very valid issues at the time and it helped to bring equality to women. Now that we need to hear their voices more then ever they are totally silent.

It would seem the feminist movement has taken on a whole new direction. I am not sure where they are headed but I have a feeling neither do they. At a time when their voices are so desperately needed they have forsaken the cause. Upravlenie it otdelom 8 torrent. They can no longer walk around with a smug look on their face thinking they made a difference. Women are being discriminated against and held hostage all over the world. The feminists should be coming out in the thousands to support these individuals who are trying to make their voices heard.