Kellogg American Air Compressor Manual

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Hi, I just picked up a used Kellogg American 335TV three hundred bucks. I told the guy (a friend of a friend) that I did not want a three phase and he said it could be wired for low voltage and showed me a schematic on the side of the electric motor that had a wiring diagram for both high and low voltage. The low voltage was 240 14 amp.

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(I believe it was 240 I don't have it in front of me. It might be 230 or 220 I will have to double check). Besides being way two big for the garage, when I looked at the inside of the starter cover it said three phase. My Dad's house was built in the 60's.

There is what looks like a 220 outlet for the washing machine in the laundry room. I am not sure at this point if I am going to try to keep it, give it to a friend if he will let me use it, or try to take it back. I am hoping to get an electrician out to the house to look at things on Friday.

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I guess I will try to find a single phase 230 v motor. Any recommendations in terms of type or where to look? This is my first compressor.

What I meant by to big was 'It takes up a lot of space in a garage that already has too much stuff in it.' Its pretty much what I was looking for in terms of capacity. I have already started listing things on Craigslist.

I am sure I will figure something out. Any suggestions in terms of noise dampening? If it was my house I would just build a small box in the side yard.

Don’t worry about noise yet. Have you herd it run? I have a similar size Quincy that I run at 550 rpm and it is the quietist compressor I have run across. These things don’t make noise unless there is a bearing going out.

Ask friends about a motor, Look for an industrial or farm motor. If you find one that you can pick up and hold with one hand then that is the wrong motor for your compressor. Avoid 3600 rpm motors; they are the source of a lot of compressor noise.

If you know an electrician he can steer you to a true 3hp or higher motor. If you get a new motor than make sure to get one that fits the mounting holes on your tank. I found a used motor when I set up my compressor and I had to make an adapter plate for the motor but shopping for used you don’t get a lot of choices.

Ted, the 5 hp 220v single phase motor for you Kellogg industrial compressor should weigh in at right near a hundred pounds. The 5 hp motor on my quincy weighs 107 lbs (without the double belt cast iron pulley). The motor you need will have to be at least 20 running amps and close to 50 amps on startup. My point is a '5 hp' electric motor from Tractor Supply thats rated at 16 amps and weighs about 25 lbs will burn up in a shot amount of time if you mount that small '5' hp motor on you Kellogg American compressor. Also check the contact points in your magnetic starter box to make sure they're not fried (as they do get when used for a long time running an air compressor).

I replaced the 5 hp single phase motor on my Quincy around 8 years ago and with a discount that motor cost me right at $400, and that was an excellent price for an industrial quality compressor motor. Its really hard around here (s. Michigan) to come up with a good used industrial rated single phase true 5 hp electric motor. They are as rare as hens teeth. Your compressor is rated at 20 cfm @ 100 psi (very respectable output). I had a somewhat similar Kellogg close to 30 years ago, it was a good compressor.

The Quincy 5 hp single phase, 80 gallon tank, two stage that I have and use now I bought new in 1984. Runs as good today as the day I bought it, never a problem with it (other than replacing the electric motor). Last edited by Phil V; at 05:29 PM. Hi, Looks cool. What is the success rate with these things?

What happens if they fail? My Dad can still kick my ass.

Actually, I want to get going on my '59 Volvo PV445. I have a bunch of rust I want to get rid of.need to get into the edges on the inside of the roof and then paint before it starts raining. The Makita with 80 grit paper I bought from Len works great. So does the Piclex 20. My mini grinder with a small 3m pad needs air. I was hoping that I could start using the compressor next week. A good used motor might be the way to go right now.