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It’s a bit funny that I know I have a ‘baby brand’ yet I’ve never been massively a baby person. If you’d told my 17 year old self this is what I would have been doing at 37 I’d probably have managed to snort my Lambrusco out of my nostrils. What a difference 20 years makes hey?⠀ ⠀ I’m so immersed in this world, although I have to say it’s mainly from a pure fascination point of view. I still don’t go gaga over every baby photo I see, only the ones from people I know because I now understand what a precious little bundle that is. But I am finding that motherhood is blowing my mind daily, sometimes hourly. ⠀ ⠀ I mean these little people who come out into the world and in 2 years learn to sit up, crawl, walk, run, eat, feed themselves (ish ) speak, sing, dance and challenge the world around them.

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And so much more. If someone said to you as an adult you could become superhuman in 2 years you wouldn’t believe them. Yet here are our babies basically changing from helpless to pretty independent in such a short period of time. ⠀ ⠀ I am astounded at what goes in that little brain. And then what comes back out again. The perspective and the way the world is viewed.

I’m definitely learning a lot about myself and becoming so much more aware of how I speak and what I say. ⠀ ⠀ The more I fall down the rabbit hole of parenthood the more I realise that kids are like Jonny 5 - need input. Stroiteljnoj And that’s definitely something that I now realise is a big part of what I do here at TLBWBP. Pnozmulti configurator download.


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