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Lost In Oz Season 1 In Hindi Download All Amazon Prime Video’s Episodes 720p WEB-Dl HD Quality Encoded In x264 With English Subtitles. Title: Lost In Oz Season 1 In Hindi Genres: Language: Release Date: 26 June 2015 Quality: 720p WEB-DL x264 Subtitle: Format: MKV Size: Approx. 200-MB Storyline Lost In Oz Season 1 Hindi Episodes Free Download In the first season of Lost In Oz, twelve-year-old Dorothy Gale and her trusty dog Toto search for Glinda the Good, in the hope that she can give them the magic they need to send them home to Kansas. Along the way they’ll make surprising new friends and share a magical adventure they never could have imagined Hindi Dubbed Episodes Of Lost In Oz Season 1 Amazon Prime Video. Hindi Lost In Oz is a Daytime Emmy Award-winning animated series that premiered in full on August 7, 2017 streaming on Amazon Video.

Originally part of a pilot program, the pilot episode was later re-released as Lost in Oz: Extended Adventure in November 2, 2016, combining the first three episodes. Lost In Oz Season 1 Hindi Dubbed Download The full series was released later. Dorothy Gale is a precocious child who, with her dog Toto, is swept up to the Land of Oz without a clear way home. To travel back, Dorothy must collect all the different types of magical elements with her new found friends, the streetwise witch West and friendly Munchkin Ojo, while a sinister plot unfolds around them.

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(Episodes 1-13) Dorothy and Toto, working together with their friends, must find their way out of the Deadly Desert and save Emerald City from the Nome Kingdom to have any chance of getting back to Kansas. (Episodes 14-26) Cast Of Lost In Oz Season 1 Hindi • Ashley Boettcher as Dorothy Gale • Nika Futterman as West • Jorge Diaz as Ojo • Chris Cox as Toto • Alexander Polinsky as Fitz • Keith Ferguson as Reigh, the Cowardly Lion • Stephen Stanton as Scarecrow • Gina Gershon as Langwidere • Jennifer Hale as Glinda the Good Witch • Grey Griffin as Evelyn, Dorothy’s mother (replaced Allison Mack) Lost in Oz: Extended Adventure S1, Ep1 Follow the magical adventures of Dorothy and Toto as they get lost in a world of Oz that is unlike any other. The prodigy music for the jilted generation flac torrent full. They will be joined by new friends and will face new enemies in this fun, exciting and modern take on a beloved classic Lost In Oz Season 1 English Subtitles Download.

Lost And Found Hd Marathi Movie Download Utorrent

Dorothy Meets the Lion S1, Ep2 In her search for magic to get home, Lost In Oz Season 1 720p WEB-DL Hindi Download Dorothy goes looking for Glinda the Good, the most powerful witch in Emerald City. But when she crosses paths with Reigh, the Cowardly Lion, he steals her magic travel journal forcing Dorothy to track him down to retrieve it. Monkeys Fly S1, Ep3 After getting key information from Reigh, Lost In Oz Season 1 720p HD Hindi Episodes Dorothy unravels a puzzle to reveal Glinda’s mysterious castle and must outsmart Fitz and the Winged Monkeys to get inside. Dorothy Meets the Scarecrow S1, Ep4 Dorothy enters Glinda’s castle only to find out that the good witch is missing. Dorothy sets out to unravel the mystery with the only other inhabitant of the deserted castle, the Scarecrow, whose shoddy memory proves to be less than useful. The Pearl of Pingaree S1, Ep5 Dorothy’s investigation into Glinda’s disappearance leads her to the Munchkin Farm where she discovers a magical pearl that reveals the truth. Before she can use it to get closer to home, however, she’s confronted by an emboldened Fitz Lost In Oz Season 1 Complete Download In Hindi.

Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up! S1, Ep6 After Dorothy identifies Fitz as the Crooked Magician, he steals Toto, forcing Dorothy to team up with Agent Pugmill to go on a rescue mission to get him back. Little Black Lies S1, Ep7 Langwidere convinces the team to retrieve Glinda’s magical pearl, but when Dorothy and West can’t agree on what rules they’re willing to break to get it, Dorothy finds herself even further from home. The Sticks S1, Ep8 Dorothy and West go in search of Langwidere, but come face to face with Glinda herself. The Good Witch has a plan to send Dorothy home – but first they’ll have to retrieve the stolen magic of Emerald City. Down the Yellow Brick Line S1, Ep9 Lost In Oz Season 1 Amazon Prime Video Hindi Episodes Download On their way to find the stolen magic, Dorothy, West, Ojo, and Toto are taken prisoner by Fitz.