Manaschi Sayakbaj Karalaev Referat

Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview. No Archives Categories. Mar 4, 2005 - The version of Manas translated here is that of the famous manaschi Saiakbai Karalaev. For a short video of him reciting from the epic, click on.

Picture of the alleged burial site of the eponymous hero of Manas Manas is said to have been buried in the in, in northwestern. A some 40 km east of the town of Talas is believed to house his remains and is a popular destination for Kyrgyz travellers. Cherry credits.


Traditional Kyrgyz horsemanship games are held there every summer since 1995. An inscription on the mausoleum states, however, that it is dedicated to '.the most famous of women, Kenizek-Khatun, the daughter of the emir Abuka'. Legend has it that Kanikey, Manas' widow, ordered this inscription in an effort to confuse her husband's enemies and prevent a defiling of his grave. The name of the building is 'Manastin Khumbuzu' or 'The Dome of Manas', and the date of its erection is unknown. There is a museum dedicated to Manas and his legend nearby the tomb. Influence [ ] • ' Nine Layers of Sky (2003) writes a modern day account of Manas as a nemesis of the.

• University of Manas - the name of university in the city of Bishkek. • The main international airport of Kyrgyzstan, in, was named after the epic. • A, was discovered by astronomer in 1979. • The highest award in Kyrgyzstan is the Order of Manas • Manas - opera, composed by • Manas - album by the metal band • - Albanian focused energy exploration company Translations [ ] Manas has been translated into many languages. The poet translated the poem into.

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