Matematika 7 Sinip Test Tapsirmalari Zhauaptarimen

For questions 7-11, choose the answer that best fits each space. Lighthouses – from navigation aids to holiday homes A lighthouse is a tower designed to ________ light from a system of lights and lenses.

Read the article about what some boys do to look good. For questions 1-6, choose the answer that fits best according to the article.

Looking Good? As James Munday, 19, from Kent, prepares for a night out with his friends, the pressure is on.

“My mates call me ‘pretty boy’ – everyone expects me to look good,” he says. But things weren’t always this way. “At 16,” he recalls, “my nickname was ‘fatty’. I felt ugly and girls weren’t interested in me. When all my mates started dating, I thought, ‘I have to change.’ James began an intensive fitness regime. “My fat turned to muscle and girls fancied me,” he says. Ironically, the more compliments James got, the more insecure he felt.

“I became obsessed with my appearance. I’d go to the gym every day,” he says. Yet he was never satisfied with his chest. “I wanted rippling pecs, but I had man-boobs from where I’d lost weight. I wanted surgery.”.

“James isn’t the only lad feeling body pressure,” says Dr Robert Lawson, a leading fitness expert. He points out that 84% of boys in a recent survey said they believed a better body would improve their life. “What’s more, lads are going to dangerous lengths to look good. More than 100,000 teenage boys could be injecting themselves with anabolic steroids – a drug used to build muscle. Steroids are banned in sport, and although it’s illegal to sell them in the UK, it’s legal to possess them.

Yet using them can be incredibly dangerous. They can cause depression and anxiety. Also organ damage, acne, balding and breast tissue development in men.” And lads are taking these to look good? Ben, 18, has been using steroids since he was 16.

“I’m only 1.6m. Tall, so lads always picked on me for being small. And it doesn’t help to see those body-builders in the deodorant ads on TV. So I started working out at the gym, and became friends with some lads who used steroids. Soon I started injecting them into my leg for better results. In two years, I gained 20 kilos of muscle. Girls became more interested in me and finally lads gave me more respect.

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But although I felt fitter, I had bad acne and would snap at people for no reason. But you just don’t care about the side effects – you just want to look good. It’s only now I’m thinking about my career that I’m planning on quitting. I worry girls will stop fancying me if I lose my muscles, and I just haven’t gotten round to stopping yet” When lads believe it’s better to be hunky than healthy, clearly something has gone horribly wrong. If we all (girls too) keep placing so much importance on our bodies, chances are we’ll never be happy with them. Then what dangerous lengths will we go to next?

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Now finish the following sentences: According to the first paragraph, James ________ Točan je samo jedan odgovor. • enjoys going out with his friends. • thinks he is overweight. • is interested in girls.