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Electroacoustics Toolbox is a modularized, multi-channel dynamic signal analyzer and data acquisition platform for Mac. It brings powerful new tools to the Macintosh platform for multi-channel, audio-band data acquisition and real-time analysis of electrical, acoustical, and electroacoustic signals and systems. It enables precise measurements of acoustic quantities, such as equivalent and time-weighted sound levels, as well as acoustic and electroacoustic systems, such as listening rooms and loudspeakers. The software is designed to work with any Mac-compatible audio hardware and supports multiple channels of 8, 16, 24, or 32-bit data with sample rates as high as the hardware will support. Electroacoustics Toolbox is a project-based application, which allows you to configure and save project files. Projects may contain one or more tools available in the toolbox, along with any captured data associated with those tools.

Electroacoustics Toolbox allows for the creation of an arbitrary number of tools of a certain type, or tools of different types. For example, a project may contain an oscilloscope, two FFT analyzers, and two signal generators. The oscilloscope and FFT analyzers may each simultaneously analyze multiple input channels of a single device. However, there is no requirement that all tools must work with the same device. The Toolbox also offers advanced capabilities for configuring input and output device parameters and assigning labels, units, and transducer sensitivities to individual input and output channels.

For best detection you must find the loudest and busiest part in the mix and then click 'Learn”. Try to avoid esses in vocals as it can make the result of analysis less accurate. To avoid it, you can loop part of the audio that doesn't contain esses. You will achieve best results if you insert this plugin after a compressor or limiter and then add the final master limiter after it, because too much dynamics could produce high spikes in some frequencies which will affect analysis.

In most cases default settings will work well.