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• Battery Management Innovation Expandable Electrical Diagnostic Platform For testing 6 and 12-volt automotive batteries and 12- and 24-volt charging systems INSTRUCTION MaNUal. • Contents Contents Chapter 1: Before You Begin.7 Safety..7 General Precautions..7 Conventions Used in This Manual..7 Registering Your Analyzer..8 Chapter 2: Description.9 Test Leads, Connectors, and Data Ports.10 Display and Keypad.. 11 Data Entry Methods..12 Menu icons.. • Contents Setting User Preferences..18 Chapter 4: Battery Test.19 Additional Test Requirements.20 Temperature Compensation..20 Surface Noise/Unstable Battery.20 Deep Scan Test..21 Battery Test Results..22 Chapter 5: 5-Minute Discharged Battery Test.23 Test Routine..2 Chapter 6: System Test. • Contents Chapter 8: Jump Start (System Test).

Please download the Midtronics EXP HD IR Reader v1.4 (Ref. Having trouble linking your Midtronics Battery Tester to your Midtronics Battery Management. MIDTRONICS BATTERY TESTER SOFTWARE UPDATE Models: All Models & Model Years Through Current Technical Service. The file download window will appear. Battery tester, battery chargers, battery tester, battery charger, charger, tester, diagnostic, innovation, technology.


36 Chapter 9: DMM (Digital Multimeter). 37 DC Volts..7 AC Volts..8 Scope..8 DC AMP (requires the optional amp clamp).9 AC AMP (requires the optional amp clamp).9 Temp..40 Ohm Meter..40 Diode..40. • View Test..49 View Cable Test..49 Chapter 13: Troubleshooting.50 The Display Does Not Turn On.50 The STATUS LED Flashes (Midtronics Printer).50 Data Will Not Print..50 Chapter 14: EXP Internal Batteries.52 Battery Power Indicator..52 Replacing the EXP Batteries.52. • Chapter 1: Before You Start Chapter 1: Before You Begin Safety Because of the possibility of personal injury, always use extreme caution when working with batteries.

Follow all manufacturers’ instructions and BCI (Battery Council International) safety recommendations. General Precautions • DANGER—RISK OF EXPLOSIVE GASES: Batteries can produce a highly explosive mix of hydrogen gas and oxygen, even when the battery is not in operation. • The number is at the bottom of the label on the back of the analyzer (Figure 1).

If your analyzer needs repair, call Midtronics Customer Service. Servicing the analyzer yourself may void your warranty. Refer to the Figure 1: Limited Warranty section of this manual. • Chapter 2: Description Chapter 2: Description Every inTELLECT™ EXP model includes a handy, hard-sided, molded carrying case, as shown in Figure 2. Regardless of which configuration you choose, the carrying case will hold all accessories, with room for future options, so you can add to your EXP at any time. Printer batteries Printer paper Cable storage. • Chapter 2: Description Test Leads, Connectors, and Data Ports For the cable test leads (Figure 5), there are two connectors on the top of the EXP (Figure 3).

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• For the battery test cable, the EXP has a 6-pin connector with a locking ring. • Chapter 2: Description Display and Keypad The EXP keypad and display work together to help you quickly find and use the right tools at the right time. The display also keeps you on track with on-screen navigation aids, directions and messages. Figure 6 shows how the elements on the screen relate to the keypad.