Nach Baliye 6 11th January 2014 Full Episode

Nach Baliye season 6 episode 19 Salman Khan on Nach Baliye Salman Khan arrives on Nach Baliye, Season 6, with Daisy Shah. Ripu and Shivangi perform samba and score 32 points. Vinod and Raksha perform an aerial act, and score 30 points.

Raqesh and Ridhi too perform an aerial act and score 28 points. Rithvik and Asha, Kiku and Priyanka score 30 and 18 points respectively. Gurmreet and Debina perform contemporary and score 25 points. The choreographers of Nach Baliye, Season 6, dedicate a dance performance to Salman Khan. Kanika and Ankur are eliminated from the show.

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Amrapali and Yash perform a romantic act. The judges spend some funny moments with the on screen vamps, Amrapali and Kanika. Kiku and Priyanka give an energetic performance. Bruna and Omar mesmerises the audience with their sizzling dance. Raju and Kiku tickle the audience with their comic dance.

The judges appreciate Ripudaman and Shivangi's dance. Terrence amazes everyone with his performance. Lata and Sanjeev give a beautiful dance performance. Rakesh and Ridhi perform a passionate dance.

Watch new episodes of Nach Baliye 6 on Star Plus. The hosts, Gautam and Karan, welcome the judges of Nach Baliye 6. The judges speak about the uniqueness of the show, where there is a chance for the jodis to gain an extra point.

The judges become mesmerised with Ankur and Kanika's performance. Rithvik and Asha earn the extra point from the judges with their act. Raju and Shikha entertain the audience with their dance. Ripu and Shivangi sizzle the stage with their performance. Proshivka fleshki kingston dt 101 g2 16gb review.

Yash and Amrapali fail to impress the judges through their dance. Watch new episodes of Nach Baliye 6 on Star Plus. Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor grace the Nach Naliye 6 stage with their presence. The judges enjoy Kiku and Priyanka's superb performance in which Kiku disguises as a girl, Kikina. Raqesh and Ridhi surprise the judges with their excellent performance in a new avatar. Vinod and Raksha amaze the audience with their aerial act.

Rithvik and Asha entertain the audience with a contemporary dance performance. Kareena becomes impressed with Ripu and Shivangi's act and asks Ripu for a dinner date. Keep watching Nach Baliye 6 on Star Plus. Gurmeet and Debina perform a tango dance. The judges and jodis spend some humorous moments with Saif Ali Khan. Raju and Shikha perform a romantic act. The jodis and the judges celebrate Sajid Khan's birthday.

Ankur and Kanika surprise the audience with their amazing performance. Sajid Khan quizzes Saif Ali Khan about Kareena. Yash and Amrapali impress the judges with their dance. Omar and Bruna perform an emotional act. Sanjeev and Lata get eliminated form the show. Watch new episodes of Nach Baliye 6 on Star Plus.

Aakash and Poonam, Sandhya and Sooraj, Jigar and Rashi come on the show. Ripu and Shivangi perform an aerial act and receive 27 points. Sandhya, Shivangi and Shipa cook samosas on stage. Debina and Gurmeet give a romantic dance performance and receive a standing ovation from the judges. They score 33 points for their performance.

Sooraj professes his love for Sandhya on the show. Bruna and Omar give an under water dance performance and score 29 points. Watch new episodes of Nach Baliye 6 on Star Plus.