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​ was prepared by Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC). The purpose of this guide is to provide information and updates about the IRS's Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Facts: • An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a tax processing number issued by the Internal Revenue Service. • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues ITINs to individuals who are required to have a U.S. Taxpayer identification number but who do not have, and are not eligible to obtain, a Social Security number (SSN) from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

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• ITINs allow individuals ineligible for an SSN to (1) report their earnings to the IRS, (2) open interest-bearing bank accounts with certain banks and, (3) conduct business in the U.S. • The IRS issues ITINs regardless of immigration status, because both citizens and noncitizens may have a U.S. Tax filing or reporting requirement under the Internal Revenue Code. • ITINs are intended primarily to facilitate federal tax reporting.

An ITIN does not authorize work in the U.S. Or provide eligibility for Social Security benefits or the Earned Income Tax Credit. This guide will walk readers through the initial application and renewal process. A separate guide discussing the use of ITINs to earn a living as an independent contractor and entrepreneur is currently being written and will be released in early January. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Can undocumented individuals apply for an ITIN? Any individual not eligible for a SSN may apply and file for an ITIN.

Who is eligible to apply for ITIN? Individuals who identify with one the following categories may file for an ITIN: » Does not have a SSN and are not eligible to obtain one » Nonresident alien who is required to file a U.S. Tax return » U.S. Resident alien who is (based on days present in the United States) filing a U.S. » Dependent or spouse of a U.S.

Citizen/resident alien. » Dependent or spouse of a nonresident alien visa holder. Are ITINs valid for identification?

ITINs are not valid identification outside the federal tax system. Since ITINs are strictly for tax processing, the IRS does not apply the same standards as agencies that provide genuine identity certification (e.g.

State IDs/ driver’s license, passports, green cards, etc.). Can I open a bank account with an ITIN? Some banks will accept the ITIN instead of the SSN.

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However, you still need to provide some form of identification. We suggest calling or visiting your local bank or credit union to ensure they accept the ITIN and inquire about the types of ID they accept.

Do ITINs enable someone to work legally? ITINs are for federal income tax purposes only. Getting an ITIN does not change your immigration status or your authorization to work in the United States. Can ITINs be used as proof of identification to obtain a state driver’s license? ITINs are not valid for identification outside the federal tax system.

However, some states may accept the ITIN as part of the driver’s license application or verification of residency. Who should renew their ITIN? Anyone who has not used their ITIN on a federal tax return at least once in the last three years should renew.

All ITINs issued before 2013 will begin expiring this year based on a rolling schedule. You will be notified via postal mail (using the address on your most recent income tax form on which the ITIN appears) if your ITIN is expiring. When does renewal of ITINs begin?

January 1, 2017. Which ITINs are expiring?

Individuals who hold ITINs with middle digits of 78 and 79 (e.g. The IRS began sending Letter 5821 to taxpayers with these expiring ITINs in Summer 2016. When may I renew my ITIN? Taxpayers whose ITINs will expire on January 1, 2017 can begin the renewal process beginning October 1, 2016. How do I renew my ITIN? Complete your federal tax return, complete W-7 form and provide original documentation (or certified copies of the documentation from the issuing agency) required to support the information provided on Form W-7.

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