Ozero Balhash Prezentaciya

43 43 close historical links with the present-day movement of Green Peace which fights for the ecological purity of our environment. The red lines stand for the vital force flowing within living organisms and binding our kind, innocent thoughts to the eternal skies and our earthly activities. (Uzbekistan and Uzbeks, p.21) 1. What do colours usually symbolize in flags? Compare the colours in flags of different countries? Does the white colour always symbolize peace and the moral purity of actions and thoughts? What is the connotation of the red colour?

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Is it the symbol of vital force? Ex.57.Look through the text and discuss the questions: The Symbol of Crescent Young crescent bound to historical traditions can be simultaneously considered to be the symbol of the Republic s newly born independence. Stars stand for the symbols of the cloudless sky.

There are twelve stars on the State flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan, that is again directly connected with the historical traditions with our solar calendar beginning with Navruz. The months names in this calendar at the same time are the names of the constellations.

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According to Ulugbek s catalogue the Sun s movement in the sky is determined by the movement of these constellations. This solar cycle in Uzbekistan is called muchal. Life proves it to be true that the period of snake (serpent) brings drought, while Dragon brings rain.

Scientists apply this to solar activity that has been taken into consideration by our ancestors. (Uzbekistan and Uzbeks, p.21-22) The Questions: 1.

Young crescent is the one of the symbols in the flag of Uzbekistan. What other countries have the same symbol? What is the meaning of Navruz to the Uzbek people? When and how is it celebrated? On what principle did Ulugbek construct his catalogue? In old days in Uzbekistan the age of people was counted by muchal (12 years) and the year when a person was born. For example, the year of monkey or rabbit, or fish, etc.

So people s age could be two muchal (24 years), three muchal (36 years), four muchal (48 years old), etc. How many muchals are you? Read the text below and answer the questions: The Symbol of Numerals Oriental philosophers considered the figure 12 to be the figure of unanimity and perfection as our world consists of four elements (earth, air, water, and fire) that reveal themselves in the variety of forms at three levels: on the earth, in the sky and between the earth and sky.

Four elements multiplied by three levels make twelve, covering the whole creation where our life goes on. If we go back to our history we shall see that the figure 12 stands for 12 rules or principles which were laid as fundamental ones for ruling this country. These principles include sincerity, fairness, tolerance of opponents, morality, valour (heroism), devotion and other endless human features. Therefore, we can say this symbol arising from the solar calendar of the beloved Navruz, rooted in the centuries history and explained by the scientists calls up to perfection by acquiring virtues necessary for the State s success and security of its citizens.