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Boryana Nikolova-Damyanova M.Sc., Ph.D. Boryana Nikolova-Damyanova obtained her MS in the University of Sofia, Bulgaria and her PhD in the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

After brief work as analyst in an industrial R & D laboratory, she joined the Laboratory of Lipid Chemistry in the Institute of Organic Chemistry with the Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1973. Her research has been concentrated mainly upon mechanistic studies, improving the methodology, and applying thin-layer chromatographic and high-performance liquid chromatographic methods in the silver ion and reversed phase modes for the analysis of fatty acids and triacylglycerols in different matrices. She was head of the Chromatographic Laboratory (1994) and Vice-Director of the Institute (2004) until 2010 when she retired.

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She is at present associated member of the Institute and acts as consultant in chromatographic analysis of lipids and other natural products (). Selected Publications Reviews: • Dobson, G., Christie, W.W. And Nikolova-Damyanova, B.Argentation chromatography of lipids and fatty acids.

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