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Get all the ebooks related to cat preparation. Hello can you please upload The Pearson Guide to Logical Reasoning And Data Interpretation by Nishit K Sinha. Reply Delete. Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for CAT by Nishit Sinha. Reply Delete. Pearson Guide Verbal Reasoning The rise of the Internet and all technologies related to it have made it a lot easier to share various types of information. Unfortunately, sometimes the huge amount of information available online is a curse rather than a blessing: many websites just do not seem to bother with proper organization of content they.

What is Verbal Reasoning Verbal reasoning is a commonly used psychometric test in the recruitment process. These tests are used for a variety of jobs including administrative, technical, graduate and managerial roles. These tests are mainly used to measure your ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information.

Watch the brief video below to find out more about verbal reasoning and our professional preparation materials: Sample Verbal Reasoning Test Questions Below you will find a few sample verbal reasoning questions and answers. Our free verbal reasoning test sample was designed to not only give you insight into taking the actual test but also the invaluable practice our can give you. Read the passages below and attempt to answer the questions. Once you are completed, scroll to the bottom of the page where you can compare your answers.

Verbal Reasoning Example 1 Even though the minimum age for obtaining a driving license has increased in recent years a substantial increase in car sales over the corresponding years has resulted in a staggering rise in fatal car accident numbers. As the latest figures show, fatal car accidents are especially prevalent among young drivers who have less than five years of driving experience. Last winter 50 percent of all fatal road accidents involved drivers with up to five years driving experience and an additional 15 percent were drivers who had between six to eight years of experience. The interim figures of the current year show that the massive advertisement campaign 'fighting accidents' has resulted in some improvements but the truth is that the number of younger drivers involved in fatal accidents is intolerably high.

Question 1 Fatal car accidents are more prevalent amongst young drivers with six to eight years of experience than older drivers with similar experience. • True • False • Cannot Say. Verbal Reasoning Example 2 In the past, home heating systems have been operated using different sources of energy such as wood, electricity, and kerosene. But these are expensive when compared to a more recently developed source - solar energy. Solar energy is an alternative, but its application for heating is limited to a small number of appliances.

There is also the difficulty of obtaining solar energy for heating purposes in the winter time when it is most needed and its major resource, the sun, is hardly effective. Question 1 Solar energy is hardly available in the winter. • True • False • Cannot Say. Take a Free Verbal Reasoning Test By taking advantage of the free verbal test on this page you will be able to get a taste of the real thing. This 15-question sample test goes over a variety of question types found on a verbal reasoning exam including true/ false/ cannot say.

Take our free verbal test with answers today to get an idea of the actual test and how we can help you to prepare. Brotha lynch hung discography bittorrent. Take a Free Test Now How to Make the Best of This Free Sample Test This free test is designed to give a glimpse of the types of questions you will encounter on a verbal reasoning test. There are many ways of getting the most out of this free test and the full-length tests that we offer.


To get the most out of your free test experience we recommend: • Finding a place free of distractions. Make sure that you take your free verbal test in a well-lit and quiet place. Taking this or any practice test in a distraction-free environment will improve your focus and allow you to better understand the material.

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• Working within the time limit. Most psychometric tests will be given under some sort of time constraint and is the case with this free test. Practising under a time constraint will also help to mimic the testing conditions for the actual test. Managing your time with each passage will allow you to answer each question both quickly and accurately. Once you have completed the test on this page, you will be directed to a final score report. This report will allow you to go back to any of the questions you may have missed with full answer explanations. Verbal Test Format Verbal tests can differ in a variety of ways.

Including: • Length of text (two to three sentences, one or two paragraphs, several paragraphs) • Style of text/content (pseudo-science, history, business, set of rules, conversational) • Type of question (basic reading comprehension, more advanced reasoning about the purpose of the text, determining the validity of the claim based on the text, etc.) Below you will find more information regarding the types of questions usually found on a verbal pre-employment test. During a verbal reasoning test, you will be presented with passages of text in the form of news articles, emails, business reports, etc. You will need to answer questions based on a statement correlating to this written information. If a given answer cannot be directly applied or implied based on the text, you should disregard it. The most common way of answering these statements will be through choosing ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘cannot say’.