Philips Spc900nc Driver Windows 10

Some things we learned about Vista, Windows 7 and the ToUcam drivers. It here in Windows 10 and windows 8.1 for astronomy, time-lapse and other purposes. (We also really like its successor, the Philips SPC 900 NC/00 PC Camera.

Hi, as it happens I had a very similar problem to this the other day - I use a modified Philips webcam to use for astrophotography and the drivers are very out of date. What I had to do was install the driver software as you have done, restart the PC, then go to device manager. From there I found the webcam (marked as an unknown device, from what I remember), then manually installed the driver (it wasn't auto detected, but the driver was available to force use). I don't have a way to replicate testing the steps, but somewhere on the device properties page for your webcam in device manager there is a way to install a driver yourself.

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Philips spc900nc driver download

Tell it that you want to manually choose one from the drivers available on your PC - you'll then need to find the Philips driver for that model manually on the list. I'm sorry for the vague details, but I can't replicate the steps on this current PC.

Hopefully that will be enough information to help though!