Pokemon Conquest Rom Anti Piracy Patch

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This is not a virus only works in these emulators: Emulators that run NO: - No $ GBA - Versions prior to '0.9.8 'of DeSmuME. Kimia organik fessenden pdf. Emulators that run: - DeSmuME (version 0.9.8) [Download Rom] Size: 256mb (tablets 54MB) As always, the game came with a blocking anti-piracy, which always annoys the fans at first, but always cheated in a few hours. So here goes the list of emulators and flashcards that are not yet running the rom thanks to this lock.

Sep 27, 2012  Pokemon Black/White 2 AceKard 2i. Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started. I already applyed the anti-piracy patch to it and everything btw i'm running Akaio 1.9 the latest firmware. But the proproblem still occurs. Pokemon Conquest works fine as well as any other game Pokemon black and white 2 is the only one that.

Flashcards NOT run: - Acekard/Acekard2i - TTDS - R4 (Wood 1.46) Flashcards that run: - Supercard DSTWO Link: Anti-Piracy Patch Link: Patched Rom Link: The Thanks do not hurt.Thanks.Bye not.

Pokemon Codes Dratini: Sr5Z5GqAgR Gyarados: mq2xRVNgRL Panpour: CNZF3wpq3x Pansear: niE33w9rwM Oshawott: frCLRpXG88 Gible: LTb3n3RYJ8 Cinccino: vVALFrGTXX Darmanitan: pK5RgzqLG8 Sneasel: CMqkZRRSRX Larvitar: Rc338MpqLx Beldum: BqWxXEK3xg Axew: Lpu3ggCYk8 Emolga: Jnm3kqgN8X Lapras: FZP8GqRZRR Scyther: Shw8mxRAJR Riolu: 8GV3LMGrnM Pikachu: GfV33RVN3F Larvesta: yQAw81qxGR Deino: 8rf3XPwvJw and PKSRGpCPZJ Chimchar: DNB3x2gCgk Lilligant: RwGxLbHRRk Gible: J3mmJr9rX8 Zoroark: 6iYmwq1Y8w Snivy: XyADXkr138 Misdreavus: mnKX3qwrZR Whimsicott = juKxxqGP88. Code: Archive Name: pkmnconquest.rar Archive Filesize: 54.37MB ROM Name: VYPTv00.nds ----------------------------- Header Info for: VPYTv00.nds ----------------------------- Internal Name: PSL_E Game Serial: NTR-VPYT-??? Maker Code: 01 Publisher: Nintendo Version: 1.0 (00h) Secure Checksum: A23C (BAD) Logo Checksum: CF56 (OK) Header Checksum: C0C0 (OK) File Size: 2048Mbit (268435456 bytes) Card Size: 2048Mbit (268435456 bytes) (0Bh) File CRC32: BB2616E3 ----------------------------- Language 1 ----------------------------- Pokemon Conquest Nintendo. Click to expand.THIS. 100 TIMES THIS. The AKAIO forum post labeled 1.8.9z is NOT the same thing as the loaders. Go to (not sure if I'm allowed to post links here, I'm new here.

If not I'll edit this post) and replace the '1.8.9z loader' with this one. I can confirm, having followed all the other steps correctly and getting errors up until this point, that this is what will fix the error for Acekard 2i users. I think it should be clarified on the front page that you need to download from the loaders page rather than AKAIO 1.8.9z post on their forums. While it should have the same loader, there's obviously a difference between the full install and the loader-only download.