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The condition of this apartment was rather sleazy. Dirt, rust and mould everywhere. Literally everything had to be thrown out and cleaned untill there were only pure concrete walls.

That could have been cool, but a demand was that when we enter the flat, one should not feel that we are in a block-house, with the spleen of the communist era. A cozy atmoshere was the main intention. The kitchen and the dining/entry room got natural linoleum flooring in a chirpy sunset orange color due to warm up cold northern lights. The living room was made in the style of the owners former beloved flat: grandma's renovated sofa and armchairs, simple bookshelves, plants, some vintage stuff and a little place to rembember the lost memebers of family. The bedroom is soo tiny, it has almost just the bed, the nightstands, and a little gardrobe.

The colors are soothing. The bedhead is a simple shaggy rug, a quite cheap and comfortable solution for late night readings. Moving or carving walls are extremely tough in thes concrete built block houses, so only 2 walls were modified: the bathroom and the toilet was united, and, the useless long gardrobe-hole was divided to laundry gardrobe, and the other half was given to the bedroom. The plaster boxes were necessary to hide electric wiring, and also used as an option for lighting. You can find more photoes and details among portflio projects. The before-after pictures can be found on the blog, with the same article title.

Among historical walls a hair salon had to take shape from an office. The vaulted ceilings with bricks and stone already created a strong respectful atmoshphere.The laminated floor had to stay, so I choose to use white and some black and a little gray to balance the warm ceilings and floor. Lighting and lamps were crucial, especially the color rendering index, and color temperature -imagine you go out to the daylight, and your hair color is different.

The waiting area a little differs from the work places, it's more cosy, and masculine, with comfortable armchairs. From rational financial and ecological reasons some furniture were refurbished from the client's salon before. Timing had a great importance in this project, only a short period of time were for functional floor plans, lighting plans, 3D renders, furniture plans, and approximatley 3 weeks for implementing the plans.


I used a different method and approach to the whole design process, i focused on the most important tasks, and had to decide quickly on which parts should be detaild and which not. Samsung printer edc program. The greatest help was the client himself, no hesitation, rapid deceisons, and extremely honest communication.

This is the inner quadrangle of a palace in the downtown of Budapest. The palace was built in 1885 in historicist style, and by now it's renovated. The owner company decided to establish a little garden in one of the three cloistered quadrangle. The first plan was a low-keyed, clean space, with some plants, and more grass, and tables for the restaurant's and the shop's (next to the quadrangle) visitors. Then they wanted more plants, and finally it ended up like a romantic inner garden with flowers and plants everywhere.