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Admission Fall application for all applicants: December 1, 2018 The deadline has been extended to January 15 for Contemporary Teaching Practice, Music Teaching and Learning, and Community Music. The only programs with different application deadlines are Arts Leadership (May 1 final application deadline) and all Thornton minors (October 1, 2018 and March 1, 2019).

Qlab 238 download. Application deadlines for other processes are noted below. • • • (October 1 Deadline) • (Undergrad Only) • (October 1 & March 1 Deadlines) Important Note: Applicants to the USC Thornton School of Music are not permitted to apply for admission to a particular degree level (i.e. Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, non-degree certificate or diploma) more than three times. If an applicant has been denied admission three times to the same degree level, no further applications will be reviewed for that applicant and no application fees will be refunded. (Exception: applications to the Music Industry program are subject to a stricter policy, as described on the. Connect with Us! daily 1.0.

Visit our campus: Check out our “” page to learn about campus tours and events. We are located on the (not the Health Science Campus). If you are coming to visit Thornton you are welcome to park at the Royal Street Structure which is located at the intersection of Jefferson Blvd and Royal Street. Get a sneak peek of USC Thornton by downloading our!

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