Programator Atmel At89c2051

At89c2051 24pi

©2010 AirBorn Our AT89C2051 and AT89C51 programmers date from the 1990's - they are very straightforward, work perfectly well under linux or windows, and we still sell replacements. To help our previous customers we offer Erase, Program and verify an AT89C2051 in one easy operation! Programs in just 6 seconds! PG2051 - A Programmer for the Atmel AT89C2051, from AirBorn Electronics The AT89C2051 is a 20 pin 8051 compatible microprocessor (including serial port) with 2k of FLASH memory, available from Atmel (see ). The PG2051 erases, programs, and verifies AT89C2051 chips in 6 seconds. As the AT89C2051 devices are FLASH, they can be reprogrammed as often as needed.

The PG2051 is driven by sending it a (standard) Intel hex file through its serial port. This means it can be driven by any operating system - all that is necessary is that the host has a serial port to send the data to the programmer (at 9600 baud) - the programmer will do the rest. The programmer features a test switch which allows the owner to check if an AT89C2051 is blank, working, programmed or failed in just one second - without needing the PC connected.

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NXP Flash MCU to Atmel Flash MCU Cross Reference. NXP Flash MCU to Atmel Flash MCU Devices, Non-Direct Replacements. Package Adapters of 80C51 Devices. Tables for setting UART parameters in 80C51 Microcontrollers. Atmel AT89c2051, AT89c1051 and AT89c4051 are compatible with Intel 8051 Industry Standard. A lot of freeware is available (Assembler, C, Debugger and mountains of ready to use software applications on the internet).