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Hi, I have PSS/E Software installed on my computer. But it needs dongle to loads the program.

Because of this dongle is so expensive and it belongs to my employer, i hopefully to get dongle emulator or anything that can help me use the software without need to plug in the dongle to the usb port. I want to use the PSS/E software at home but without the dongle it won't works:disappoin I need the emulator / crack or anything that can let me use the program:cryin: Does anyone knows how to solve this problem?:happy: Thanks for sharing guys.

What you would need to do is to setup a logic analyser on the physical interface between the computer and dongle. For example if it connects to the serial port then you could use a small piece of Veroboard with a serial plug and socket mounted at each end, and a header between the two. Plug the board into the PC and the dongle into the board, and your logic analyser into the headers. By analysing the signals over time you will be able to design hardware to replicate the behaviour, which you might be able to do with a low cost bit of hardware like a PIC chip. Code: ------+ Veroboard +------------+ +--------+ PC == oo == serial == oo == dongle port == oo == == oo == +------------+ +--------+ ------+ header pins Alternatively just borrow the dongle whenever you need to use the software.

Pss e software crack torrent

The point of the dongle is to prevent software piracy, and for multiple licences to be used at the same time you will need multiple dongles. If you can justify the use of the software then your employer may be able to get a licence (and therefore a dongle) for you to use. Free full album download sites.

Also check out the software licencing arrangements. Maybe there's a restricted 'training' version that doesn't need the dongle and might be enough for your home needs.