Radio Shack Pro 62 Owners Manual

• 20-136 PRO-136 Desktop Radio Scanner Thank you for purchasing your 200 Channel Desktop Radio Scanner from RadioShack. Please read this user’s guide before installing, setting up and using your new scanner.

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What’s Included Scanner AC adapter Antenna User’s guide Preprogrammed frequency list Quick start guide • ontents Scanner Setup.4 Scanner Features..4 Connecting the Antenna..6 Powering Your Scanner..6 Installing Batteries..6 Battery Notes..7 Recycle Rechargeable Batteries.7 Scanner Placement..7 Connecting Headphones.8 Listening Safely..8 Connecting the External Alert Out.8 Understanding Your Scanner.8 Turning on the Scanner..9 Setting the Clock/Alarm..9 Alarm Function.. • Contents Receiving NWR-SAME and Weather Alert Signals.16 Turning On the Digital Weather Alert Feature. 16 Receiving Alerts in Standby Mode.17 Testing the Weather Alarm.17.17 Programming FIPS.17 Skywarn..18 About Skywarn..19 Settings.20 Setting Delay.. • Scanner Setup Scanner Setup Scanner Features Select a service band: MAR (Marine), FD/PD (Fire/Police), AIR (Aircraft), HAM, or FM. Start a weather scan.

Press and hold to activate Skywarn. • DELAY ENT (Enter) PROGRAM Enter a decimal point. Complete the entry of frequencies. Clear an entry. • Scanner Setup PRI (Priority) WX ALERT Turns the priority function on or off. Press to turn weather alert on and off.

Lockout selected channels or skip specified frequencies during a search. PSE (Pause) Stop and resume search or scan. Press to turn the backlight on for 15 seconds. Input a number.

• Scanner Setup Connecting the Antenna Attach the supplied antenna to the scanner by aligning the arrow on its base with the tab on the scanner’s BNC connector and then pressing into place. When using an external antenna, always connect with 50-ohm, RG-58, or RG-8 coaxial cable. • Scanner Setup Battery Notes • Use fresh alkaline AA batteries. • Rechargeable batteries can be used, but battery life is shorter than with alkaline batteries. The scanner will not recharge batteries in the compartment. • Always remove old or weak batteries.

Batteries can leak chemicals that destroy electronic circuits. • Scanner Setup Connecting Headphones For private listening, you can plug a mono earphone or headset into the Headphone Jack on the back of your scanner.

This automatically disconnects the internal speaker. Note that the sound is not in stereo. Listening Safely To protect your hearing, follow these earphone or headphones guidelines: •. Klyuch aktivacii dlya igri daljnobojschiki 3 boljshie gonki. • Scanner Setup Besides searching within a selected frequency range, you can also search your scanner’s service banks. Service banks are preset groups of frequencies categorized by the type of services that use those frequencies. The scanner is preprogrammed with all the frequencies allocated to the Marine, Aircraft, Police (Fire/Emergency), Ham and FM services. • Scanner Setup 2.