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Fanny Aronsen was a Swedish textile and product designer who created a unique and influential body of work. She made luxurious and sophisticated contemporary fabrics, characterised by sumptuous colours and intriguing tactile materials. After working in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, Fanny Aronsen returned to Sweden to set up her own studio in 1998. She was also a professor in textile design at the University of Stockholm, where she lectured at the renowned Konstfack College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

Millenium puppy bundle download free windows 7. Traces of Nordic history and culture can be discerned in her work, although the final results are a sophisticated mix of influences and directions.

A trademark distinguishes your products and services from those of your competitors. The greater the recognition and the appreciation of your trademark, the more financially valuable it becomes. Well-known trademarks represent priceless assets. A mark of distinction Trademarks can comprise one or more words, a design or a combination of these. Trademark protection can also be acquired for packaging, such as the distinctive Coca-Cola® bottle. Slogans can also be registered – sometimes even sounds and scents. A good trademark should be unique, easy to remember and suitable for all markets and languages.

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National and international protection The usual procedure to acquire trademark protection is to apply for registration in one or more of the existing 34 product classes and 11 service classes. The application can be for either a national registration, a EU registration or an international application designating the countries who are parties to the Madrid System. At Zacco we can assist you in obtaining registration of your trademark anywhere in the world. Yours for ever Your trademark can be maintained indefinitely by paying a renewal fee generally every 10 years. In most countries a trademark can be cancelled if it has not been used for a certain period of time.

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To prevent others from using your registered trademark, mark it with the ® symbol. A trademark which is not yet registered can be marked with TM. Domain names A domain name registration is not an intellectual property right – the only right you acquire is the right to the concrete domain. However, since they have become central to business and to communication, it is a good idea to consider domain names at an early stage. Full service A trademark strategy is vital to your business.

At Zacco we not only help you to register international trademarks, we also carry out preliminary searches and provide strategic advice. When strategic choices have been made, we can assist you with international license agreements and protect your trademark from infringement.

We can represent you before the courts in the countries where we are located and – through our network – coordinate enforcement in any other country.