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SQL Prompt Completion Hello I'm Dan Sullivan and I'll be presenting this module on the completion features in Red Gate's SQL prompt. Red Gate SQL prompt is an add on for SQL Server Management Studio that suggests completions as you type, formats code, and makes it easier to inspect code to see what it is doing. It also adds these features to Visual Studio for database projects. In this course, however, we'll be focusing on SQL Server Management Studio. SQL prompt understands the syntax of SQL and its keywords and the content of the schemas of the databases you are working on. It uses this information to suggest completions to what you are typing. It also intelligently generates aliases in queries, it makes it easier to understand the code you are looking at by adding tool tips to it.

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It also does general code clean up by formatting. For example, it will format the code to look the way you want it to look. It has a number of features that help you understand the code you are looking at. So let's take a look at how these features work and how you can manage them. SQL Prompt Snippets Hello I'm Dan Sullivan from Pluralsight and I'll be presenting this module on using and making snippets for Red Gate's SQL prompt. We're going to start out by looking at how you use SQL prompt snippets and they're similar to snippets in Visual Studio, but they're static. Then we're going to enhance them by parameterizing them, that is make them work a lot more like the snippets in Visual Studio do where if you have the same text going in multiple places in the snippet you only have to enter it once.

And then lastly we're going to take a look at how we can use the templates that are built into SQL Server Management Studio as snippets in SQL prompt. So, let's get started by looking at how you use snippets. SQL Prompt Refactoring Hello I'm Dan Sullivan and I'll be presenting this module on the capabilities that SQL prompt adds to SQL Server Management Studio and to Visual Studio when you're building database projects. In this module we'll be looking at code refactoring, which allows you to take fragments of SQL script and turn them into calls to stored procedures, much like you would take fragments of code in C# or VB.

NET and convert those into calls to methods. And we'll also be looking at table refactoring, which allows you to refactor the metadata that defines your database. File playercorefactory xml.

This topic provides an overview of how you set up SQL Data Generator to generate data. To see the creation SQL script for a table, right-click the table or column name in the tree view and click Show Schema Creation Script. Visit the Redgate forum.

So you can take, for example, a single table and split it into two tables, usually with a common column or set of columns that you can use to join those tables in a view later on.

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