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My other question Jeff is this, every time I use the serial it accepts then rejects it, i put in a second one and it works. But i have to repeat this process everytime I use the software. I just mentioned this but I tried working around it but using a (run-as-date app/ and changed the host file w/ notepad) it doesnt help anything. I have even more questions particularly about bluebugging software, i just started researching it and I am curious as to what software that actually is?? How does it work?

Dont know if you can PM here on this site? Thank you everybody for the helpful advice 1).

Keygens are illegal and highly dangerous (oops;-) 2.) VBN code? (nice - look into that) 3.) sandboxie virtualbox (read about that in 2600 -havent used it yet) AVG says: Trojan horse Agent3.AVUK Yeah that is what I did; disable RS, run key, open prog, enable RS I am just looking in deeper to the issue, kind of like when someones asks you how a toilet works you say sure, you press the button and it flushes. Despite the fact that there is actually much more to flushing that turd down. (warning not original thought - ripped off from psych book (Invisible Gorilla). That's a bit suggestive, no?

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How can you blindly say (without investigating) that the key generator won't harm his system? Prikoljnij tekst dlya gramoti sotrudniku. Upload it to.

Once the scan is complete, if it finds any malicious objects do research on them, see what users have to say. Is it a false positive? Did it mess their system up? If comments are filtered, don't trust the results. I need to know more about the trojan in order to tell you if it's malicious or not.

For example, a trojan and a trojan hack tool are very different things. Your anti-virus will probably say it's 'trojan.SOMETHING', tell me what it is. I wouldn't ever advice disabling your security, rather add an exception if you think the file is safe. This way, if the application ends up trying to play hanky panky with your files, your anti-virus will tell you. To answer your question, an anti-virus most likely detects it as a trojan because it patches other programs (assembly or registry entries).

Any application that isn't signed by a reputable author and attempts to modify other application's structure's is usually classified as 'potentially malicious'. It may be a false positive (meaning it's not actually a virus, but the anti-virus thinks it is) or it may actually be malicious. On a side note, keygens are illegal and highly dangerous. A 64kb application probably can't do much, I speculate it may be a trojan downloader, whereby it downloads the rest of itself upon execution. I suggest either running it in a sandbox or virtual machine environment such as or, respectively. This way, if it is malicious it doesn't disrupt the files you need.

Hit me with the rest of your questions, Andrei!