Samsung Edc Program

Samsung SCX-340x Series Manual Online: Edc Program (3 In 1 Model Only). NOTE SCX-340x/340xW (3 in 1) model has not EDC menu in tech mode.

EDC Mode uses a small piece of software on your laptop to communicate via the USB connection to the printer. Earlier levels of firmware allow use of EDC Mode. Later production allows only SmartPanel or Web Interface access. Don't overestimate the usefulness of EDC mode. If there is a system error you will not be able to use EDC mode.

It's generally not very useful. You should have no difficulty finding the EDC software or SmartPanel software.

SmartPanel is generally a better diagnostic tool. What sort of problem are you trying to diagnose?

I've worked on a lot of the CLP-315/CLP-315W/CLX-3175FN series machines. EDC won't help with that, neither will SmartPanel. SmartPanel will display 'Paper Jam 1'. The diagnostic modes for this machine are next to useless. The only way to test out that particular sensor is to meter out the 5vdc output from the exit sensor.

You can try to bend a couple of paper clips to use as leads to reach pins #1 & #3 at the sensor or at the HVT connector. Anything over 3.2 vdc is a high reading, anything below 3.0 is a low reading.

(Typically ranges from 3.6vdc high to 0.3vdc low) Or you could just trust me. I've changed over 75 of these sensors, and have never seen another cause. It is a lot easier to diagnose this problem on a CLP-315 (the printer version). You can pop the top off and pin out the sensor all you like.

On the CLX-3175 its considerably harder to get to the pins. If you still want the software just google 'EDC Samsung' or 'Smart Panel Samsung CLX-3175'. Is a good source for most printer related software.

• Mono Laser MFP SCX-340x series SCX-340x / 340xF / 340xW / 340xFW SERVICE MANUAL Mono Laser MFP Contents 1. Precautions 2. Product specification and description 3. Disassembly and Reassembly 4. Alignment and Troubleshooting 5. System Diagram 6. Reference Information Refer to the service manual in the GSPN (see the rear cover) for more information.

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Fuser Unit..2 − 19 LSU (Laser Scanner Unit).2 − 21 Toner Cartridge.. 2 − 22 2.2.5. Ns basic app studio serial number free. Hardware configuration..2 − 23

Main board..2 − 25 Copyright© 1995-2011 SAMSUNG. All rights reserved. Drive Unit..3 − 14 3.3.15. 3 − 15 3.3.16. Feed Sensor PBA..3 − 16 3.3.17.

Pick up roller..3 − 16 3.3.18. Motor..3 − 17 3.3.19. Transfer roller..3 − 18 Copyright© 1995-2011 SAMSUNG. All rights reserved. • Periodic Defective Image..4 − 13 4.1.6. Useful management tools..4 − 14

Using Samsung Easy Printer Manager (Windows and Macintosh only).4 − 14 Using Samsung Printer Status (Windows only). 4 − 16 • High voltages and lasers inside this product are dangerous.

This product should only be serviced by a factory trained service technician. 2) Use only Samsung replacement parts. There are no user serviceable parts inside the product. Do not make any unauthorized changes or additions to the product as these could cause the product to malfunctions and create an electric shocks or fire hazards.