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What happened to Silent Hill, or more specifically, the Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro collaboration, Silent Hills? What’s going on with P.T., the playable teaser that announced Silent Hills, and is often hailed as one of the best horror games ever made? Is it gone forever? Is there any hope for it making an official return?

Some of these questions don’t have answers – the future of Silent Hill is very uncertain. But we can paint a clear timeline of the Silent Hills saga to better understand the events that lead up to this point.

We’re coming up on P.T.’s fifth anniversary, and even after all this time, the mark that demo left on the horror gaming landscape is still there, spawning and inspiring countless other games to follow in its footsteps. For a full breakdown of the Silent Hills timeline, follow along below. Sony Announces P.T.

During its Gamescom 2014 press conference on August 12,, describing it as a “new title from a new studio” – 7780s Studio, to be exact. The “interactive teaser” launched exclusively on PlayStation 4 during the press conference. There was very little in the trailer to hint at any association with Silent Hill – just a character walking, a talking bag, and some test players shrieking at an offscreen scare. Silent Hills Revealed It wasn’t long after P.T. Was set loose on the public that the truth about it was revealed. Once the “interactive demo” portion of the teaser is completed, P.T.

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Plays what is effectively a trailer for. Windows xp professional sp2 32 bit iso image free download. After an ominous radio transmission, it cuts to a scene of a character walking down a dark city street, intercut with the names. After the character turns around, revealing he is played by Norman Reedus, the Silent Hill theme song plays over a white title card for Silent Hills.

In just a month, P.T. Was downloaded over one million times.Silent Hills was announced as a Kojima Productions game, powered by the FOX Engine, and although a frame at the end of P.T. States, “This game is a teaser.

It has no relation to the main title,” it sent shockwaves through the horror game community. Was almost immediately hailed as one of the scariest standalone games ever and speculation about what this new Silent Hill game entailed – from Silent Hill 4: The Room comparisons to whether or not any members of the beloved Team Silent would be returning for development – was rampant. Kojima, being the trickster that he is, also weighed in on surrounding Silent Hills. For instance, Kojima explained that the number 7780, which appears in the name of the fake studio P.T. Published under, is just the postcode of Japan’s Shizuoka region – with the kanji for Shizuoka roughly translating into Quiet Hills. That, plus the “s” at the end of 7780s, is basically.