Sony Sbh20 Windows Driver

Explore the world of Sony Apps and Services. Photo and video apps. Let your creativity run wild. Music and movie apps. Your ticket to the biggest hits and hottest shows. Product documentation for Stereo Bluetooth® Headset SBH20. Selected product. Selected product. Stereo Bluetooth® Headset SBH20. Change product. Dec 2, 2011 - I want to download the free software of Bluetooth Peripheral Device driver for windows 7 64 bit sony vaio VPCEB14EN.

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Filter by category: some header header header Other subreddits the /r/gadgets, go here for gadget advice! The title basically says it all. I'm imagining a small device with an internal rechargeable battery, a decent DAC, and a headphone jack. I've done some googling but everything I found kinda works the opposite way (ie. Adds outgoing bluetooth capabilities, not receiving). Any suggestions? EDIT: Okay, I think I found exactly what I was looking for and it's less than $10.

I just from eBay. I'll leave this post here just in case someone else comes along looking for the same thing. Thanks for putting me on the right track!


I did search on eBay but I ran into a couple of issues with what I found. First, most of those are intended to be used with an aux-in type deal so they have a male 3.5mm plug on them rather than a female plug (which is what I'd need). Also, the ones I found with a female jack didn't have built-in batteries (ie. Always had to be connected to a USB port for power). That said, I didn't search 'bluetooth audio jack' but instead searched 'bluetooth audio receiver' and just from a quick glance at what I saw from your link I realize it's a whole different set of devices so I'll do some scrolling through those and see what I turn up. Thanks for the heads up! This is my sentiment exactly.

I don't know if the Bluetooth audio stack is inherently compressed to shit or these devices just suck, but my experience through a couple of these has been horrible. If you're looking to get a jump in audio quality by plugging some nice headphones into these, you'll probably be disappointed. In my scenario, I had a car with a very nice speaker system.