Tcpmp For Palm Tx Download

I have moved your post from the Software Review thread to its own thread. Try reading through in this board. You might also try saving your videos as MPEG-1 (I use Studio 6, and MPEG-1 is also the 'VCD' pre-set format, I think. It's been awhile.). Pocket DVD Studio is really slick for converting DVD content into.avi videos for viewing on the Palm.

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Free tcpmp for palmos Download - pda software at - Opensource MPEG4 (divx,xvid) player. Enhancements: - pixel aspect option in preferences dialog - keylock window fix with LCD tweak modes - T T,T2 48khz samplerate crash fix System requirements: - Palm OS v5.

I am in the process of trying to watch itunes video podcasts on my TX. From what I have read in searches on the forum, I should be able to use the pocketdvxencoder to convert the podcast file to a.avi file and then us TCPMP to watch it off of the Palm's SD card. So I have downloaded pocketdvxencoder, copied the a single video podcast from itunes, pasted into a folder on my PC, located it and encoded it via pocketdvxencoder. I have downloaded TCPMP but it shows a long list of files. They don't seem to be zipped. I don't see a install or prc. File in the list.

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What's my next step? How do I know which file to pick to install on the Palm TX for the TCPMP app to run my encoded video podcast?