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Tekken 4 PC Game Free Download. Muhammad Niaz July 13, 2014 32 Comments 106,440 Views. Facebook; Twitter; Google + LinkedIn; Pinterest; Tekken 4 is Fighting Game developed and published by Namco in 2002. It is the first Tekken game to include walled stages and the only Tekken game to include a switch maneuver.

It is difficult to complain about the knock-out enthusiasts in this 2017: the genre has filled up in the last few years with excellent contenders, all capable of forming numerous communities and able to say their own in a field where to stand out from the mass is not a walk. Suffice to think of the recent Injustice 2. The battle, however, has so far been ferociously fought in two-dimensional arenas, where the three-dimensional motion-based beatings have been abandoned to themselves. In these now deserted arenas, Tekken has remained to rule, with its mistakes and style falls as the only enemy to defeat.

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Not a nice situation when trying to evolve a historical saga, because the absence of worthy challengers leads a warrior to snatch, to slowly die of starvation. Yet Harada and her have not stayed in the distance: over the years they have heard their community (though the Harada tweet trollons might think the opposite), observed the best shotgun on the square, and learned all the lessons needed. Tekken 7 is the son of these experiences, and we have consumed his fingers in his arenas to better understand mechanics and improvements. Here is the account of our hard battles.

Tekken 7 builds his narrative on a premise not to be underestimated: he wants to be the 'epic conclusion of the Mishima family's saga', in practice the closure of the interminable blood clash between Kazuya and Heihachi. This is indeed a refreshing change of direction compared to the absurd fold that Tekken's story had taken in recent years; Is a return to the origins, which abandons the ridiculous strokes and part of the mystical / fantastic elements in favor of a bit of furious hatred between father and son. Clearly, it is not the case to expect great fineness from the events of this chapter, but at least no Egyptian pseudodivities at this turn. And it is undeniably a step forward. It should be said, however, that many may be disappointed with the history of the title, because what seemed like a spectacular and long-lasting campaign to clarify many dark points of the mythology and to compete with the spectacular NetherRealm titles, Only a 'good' experience, not of great duration. It is about two and a half hours of history, in practice, where you will face battles with various modifiers in the role of various characters in Tekken 7, intertwined by the narration of an unnamed journalist who did not really feel the need (if the ' Intent of the developers was to add dramatic charge, failed) and where the fun comes more from the excesses and absurdity of certain situations than from the real interest in the events. In verbal terms: great for a Tekken, not excellent in a genre where many developers are increasingly keen on single player content.

Even the stories dedicated to the other characters that accompany the main storyline are just over a bit of content, with single battles that unlock movies with little regard. The only elusive element of the campaign is the use of an artificial intelligence that in some battles with bosses will make you seriously sweat even at low difficulty; A courageous solution that many developers do not dare to apply in favor of usability.

Tekken 7 boasts 43 trophies, but do not be fooled by the number, it is not a particularly complicated to platinum. The vast majority will be unlocked by playing the story mode and spending a few hours in the Treasury Battle, while the more specific ones only require to participate in certain online modes (like the new tournament mode) and to win individual battles against human opponents on the net. The only complicated trophies are the secret - requiring to complete the difficult 'special' chapter of the story - and the one that requires to execute more than 10 shots, which is not automatically automatic for those who are not practical.

The latest Tekken does not just have this stunning story mode to offer: the modes in Tekken 7 are wasted, and start from a classic arcade mode (without end-of-the-box, but not internal bosses) to get to the Treasure Battle, Or the challenge against artificial intelligence typical of the series, where battles in battle (even here some bouts are against bosses or equipped with special modifiers) gain experience of climbing degrees and variables with variable rarity containing items for personalization. And personalization is another big point in favor of Tekken 7, because the number of objects and costumes per character is really hallucinating.


You can practically conquer anyone as a real idiot between funny hats, crazy accessories, and all sorts of amenities, or refine their basic clothes in detail to make them closer to your taste. We assure you that it will be very difficult to meet a character identical to your online one - even if you were the same fighter - and, since we're talking online, it's a good idea to point out that there is not much to complain about in this area. It is possible to deal with games classified in a system similar to the one of the Treasury Battle or Player' without any commitment or tension, but added by the addition of a Tournament Mode that randomizes the challenges between the participants and manages them in a similar way to Happens in the real competitive rushing tournaments. We then found it quite smart to insert a test area where you can try the various moves while waiting for a new opponent (especially useful when reviewing when the were still a bit). Still on the subject, the limited number of users before the release did not allow us to give a perfect netcode rating, but we were still faced with many online games during our test, and we never had half a lag problem with opponents coming From much of Europe. It's a great sign, though it's inevitably always a bit of latency in commands in online games, making the experience less enjoyable and responsive to clashes with local friends.

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