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(Master Vasa's mansion), built in 1830, the oldest preserved building After the, liberated Karanovac became the country capital in 1819 under the rule of Prince. In that period the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity was built;, a mansion used by wealthy guests, as well as a number of significant public buildings. Kraljevo received the first urban plan, and became an important economic city. In 1882 King, establishing the Kingdom of Serbia, in honor of his coronation, changed Karanovac name to Kraljevo, and gave the order for restoration of rather dilapidated monastery Žiča. In 1919,, was consecrated and spent a brief period in the city. He returned again in 1935, and stayed until 1941. He rebuilt and enlarged the monastery.

During World War II Kraljevo was occupied by the German army. In 1941, local resistance fighters attacked a German garrison stationed near Kraljevo and killed 10 soldiers. In retaliation for the attack the carried out the, killing 2,000 residents of the city. A memorial complex constructed in the 1970s today commemorates the site of the massacre. In November 1944, heavy battles were fought in Kraljevo and its surrounding areas culminating in the city's liberation on 29 November 1944.

During the in 1999 the located near Kraljevo was bombed. Kraljevo City Museum One prominent feature of the area is the Coronation church which belongs to the Žiča monastery. Seven Serbian kings are said to have been crowned (the seven crowns on the city coat of arms represent this assumption) in the church. The church is in style, and has been partially restored, with only the main tower remaining from the original building dating to 1210, when it was founded by, the patron saint of Serbia. The famous monastery of, 39 km (24 mi) south west of Kraljevo, stands high among the south-western mountains, overlooking the, a tributary of the Ibar.

It consists of a group of old-fashioned timber and plaster buildings, a tall belfry, and a diminutive church of white marble, founded in 1190 by King, who became a monk and was canonized as. The carvings around the north, south and west doors have been partially defaced by the. The inner walls are decorated with Byzantine frescoes, among which only a painting of the, and the portraits of five saints remain from the original artwork. The dome and narthex are modern additions. The silver shrine of Saint Simeon sits within the church, along with many gold and silver ornaments, church vessels and old manuscripts, and a set of vestments and a reliquary, believed by the monks to have been the property of Saint Sava who founded the first hospital in Studenica in the 13th century. In various historical periods, Kraljevo was part of various administrative formats within Serbia, for example in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, as part of Northern Serbia, during the time of Kingdom of Yugoslavia as part of the Moravian Banovina, etc., and today it is officially part of Sumadija & Western Serbia Region 2010 earthquake [ ]. Main article: Kraljevo was shaken by a 5.4 on 3 November 2010.