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QuizMaker Pro for Mac allows users to create custom quizzes for use in the classroom or as a learning tool at home. Epson l800 nastrojka cveta pdf This versatile tool is not the sleekest or most intuitive app we've ever seen, but it offers a lot of options for creating assessments that can be administered electronically. Pros Versatility: QuizMaker Pro can create quizzes with a number of different question types, including multiple choice, matching, short answer, essay, and survey. The app also lets you add explanations to answers and include video, audio, and image files. It makes it easy to organize quizzes by class and student, so teachers can use it easily across classes.

Networkable: With the purchase of a site license, users can set up QuizMaker Pro on a LAN, allowing teachers to administer quizzes to multiple students at once. Cons Dated interface: QuizMaker Pro may be a Mac app, but it has a decidedly Windows feel to it -- Windows XP, to be exact. Although the interface is not particularly difficult to figure out, it has a clunky look to it that makes the whole app feel outdated. Stability problems: We were experimenting with the feature that lets you add media to questions, and the software crashed. We're not sure if this was a one-off occurrence or indicative of larger problems. Bottom Line QuizMaker Pro for Mac is by no means cutting-edge technology, but it's a serviceable option, if you want to create custom electronic quizzes for your students or as a study tool for yourself. Its many features and flexibility make it worth a try.

Operating System: Windows XP,Vista,7,8,8.1,10 File Size: 2.16MB System Requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or higher. Atleast 512MB RAM Number of Downloads: 44.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of QuizMaker Pro for Mac 2014r3. QuizMaker Pro is a full-featured application in which the user can generate, administer, archive, upload, export, and score tests.

Up to 11 different types of questions can now be included within a single quiz file. Un-graded survey questions can be included within the quiz. Question types include Multiple Choice with multiple correct answers and Short Answer with multiple responses required. Users may include multiple pictures, movies, or sounds with each question. Essay questions may be included and graded by the test admin. The Practice Mode allows test takers to immediately see the correct answer(s). Test creators can append a test onto another test.

Test questions can be added to the end of the quiz or inserted between the existing questions. Test scores can be exported to TSV format for importing into spreadsheet programs. Administrators can print out multiple version of a quiz with corresponding answer sheets for each version. Users can format a test for printing within QuizMaker Pro. Exported scores now include the date taken.

Program can be set to use a computer voice to read questions and answers. Test analysis shown with graphical representation. Individual score data shown from within the scores screen. Reset printer epson stylus photo r230x. Whole test Find/Replace. Quiz explanations show within the test window. A styling toolbar makes adding text styles easy.

Test creator may assign a point value to every question, thus weighting certain questions. A Category may be set for each question. Full Specifications What's new in version 2019.1 • Added: copying/pasting of a question(s) from test to test • Added: Printing with View Filters on will only print the selected questions • Added: Help files are now on the Class One Software web site and accessed via the app • Added: GUI design improvements • Added: Web site version and the Mac App Store version are now identical • Added: Removed LAN networking and lowered the price • Added: Option to lock upper number of the 'Give' range.

• Added: Improved the Downloading of Sample Quizzes.