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By the end of the first academic year the students are expected to be familiar with the basics of the Turkish grammar, to have approximately 3000 - 4000 vocabulary units with a special emphasis on synonyms already in the first term, that is, on acquiring a broad knowledge of both the modern and the classical Turkish lexicon. This will enable them to proceed towards translations in the winter term and to more complicated text readings next year, leading them eventually to Ottoman source readings as well.

Regular attendance, at least 18 sessions out of 22, is mandatory. Pustoj blank cennika Student performance will be assessed through 1. Class performance 2. Regular written homeworks that have to be handed in at the beginning of each class by the students. I will return them corrected at the beginning of the next class 3. At least 8 short written quizzes mainly on vocabulary 4.

BIBLIOGRAPHY This bibliography includes papers explicitely quoted in the text, a s well as other sources of background information (dictionaries, studies in historical and synchronic phonology, morphology, etymology, language relationship, etc.).

3 complex tests after each unit of the course book 5. A final written exam composed of text translation, grammar and communication exercises Terminal grade: 10% quizzes, 30% tests, 20% class performance, 40% final exam.