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Candidates within RAMS field are attractive to the market and have had no problems finding good jobs. The type of work varies quite a bit, as the competence is of great use to all kinds of industry that rely on reliability, availability, maintainability and safety.

Because project assignments and the master's thesis are regularly connected to practical problems within business and industry, students acquire a network that often results in job offers. Many who complete the programme begin work in leading companies such as: Elkem, Hydro and Norske Skog, in addition to oil companies and suppliers to the oil industry. Others obtain positions in consultancies such as Det Norske Veritas, Safetec or Scandpower; and at and you will find many RAMS graduates. In many Norwegian companies the working language is Norwegian, hence improving your skills in Norwegian will increase the chance to get a position in these companies.

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Heloo, I am using One Drive for business. I am an architect, and most of my files are AutoCad files with extention.dwg. The program has backup option witch is extremly useful. But I have a serious problem with the saveing of dwg and bak files. I never deleted backup files, the backup files are oversaved every 10 minutes and every time when a clic save. One Drive says that I have deleted the backup files and after that he oversave the dwg file like backup file. And now I don`t have a dwg file.

This is not first time that I have detected this kind of activity on One Drive. I found my file in Recycle Bin, but this is not an answer to my problem. What if I see that the activity of deleting the file has been preformed after 30 days. Please tell me what to do, should I change the AutoCad setting, or can I change One Drive settings or what.

This is the One Drive log. Hi Snezana, Thanks for posting on our forum. According to your description, I need to confirm if the backup feature is using on AutoCad.

If so, based on the log, the issue may be related to the backup feature. Given the situation, I suggest you turn off the backup feature to check the result. If this is not your situation, could you please provide the following information? Check if the issue only occurs on dwg files. Confirm if all dwg files meet the issue. Can you use OneDrive for Business normally before? Regards, Qing.

The backup feature is ON, and I am using it all the time it has never been tured off. And never before this kind of feature has`t been done. Before OneDrive, I was using Dropbox and it was working same as backup on hardisk. So far, I have notised the feature only on dwg files 2. Hello jai hind movie mp3 song download.

Not all the dwg files meet the feature. Have in mind that I have two coleagues that are using the same files from sharedview. And the actions have been noticed from me (like an admin) and from the aother users too. There are some other features with the OneDrive that are conserning me, but one after another. Hi Snezana, Thanks for your updates. According to your description, only dwg files meet the situation, it may be related to the file.

Could you please provide the affected file with us to test it? To protect your privacy, I've sent you a private message to collect the information. You can access it via. Besides, please provide the screenshot of “ I have deleted the backup files and after that he oversave the dwg file like backup file”. I also want to confirm if you can store the dwg files normally before. Thanks, Qing. But it is`t that one file only.