Valley Cougar Sm Dartboard Manual

Anno 1701 manual. To order, contact your local Shelti distributor or call 1-866-895-8464 for more information.

BAR STYLE DART BOARD / DARTBOARD Valley Dart Board SM Model Works 100% All boards have been gone through / repaired by Shelti / Valley Games: HIGH SCORE SHANGHAI 301/501/701/901 CRICKET / MARK 21 ERNIE DOUBLE IN DOUBLE OUT / CUT-THROAT MASTERS OUT LEAGUE SET ON FREE PLAY New Locks New Bulbs Folds in half for easier transport 86' Tall Shipping: At Checkout, please selelct ' Shipping To Be Billed Separately (Full Size Games Only)' Flat rate shipping DOES NOT APPLY to FULL SIZE GAMES & PINBALL MACHINES Shipping for Full Size Games & Pinball Machines is typically handled by STI or similar carrier. Please email for details or with ANY questions. When emailing, please include your shipping city / state / zip code. International shipping is also available.

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• 2047 Answers SOURCE: When the dart board refuses to score points, this is usually as a result of failure in some of the sensors on the board. Usually the unit is designed in such a way that the board has sensors which determine which point is hit by the dart but when the sensors become weak or experience failures of various degrees then the unit is prone to experience failure in scoring and recording points because the sensors cannot determine exact points where the darts are pinned. Fixing the sensors usually require expert service so it would be advicable to refer it to an expert. Hope this solution has been helpful? Portfolio pedagoga psihologa dou obrazec. Posted on Jul 07, 2011.