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• Current rating: 0 • • • • • Your rating: not submitted ViceVersa is a comprehensive application that will allow you to replicate folders, synchronize files, perform backups and do file and folder comparisons in an easy, fast and innovative way. The program will let you perform synchronization between computers, such as laptops, desktops, workstation, servers, VPN, WAN, network, etc. It supports any type of storage devices and media, including DVD, CD, CD-RW, NAS (Network Attached Storage), Zip disk, external Hard Disk, USB flash drive, and more.

ViceVersa provides an efficient side-by-side view that will easily show the files status, offering you complete control over your data. The program provides powerful back-up capabilities with flexible file archiving, automatic file and folder replication, bi-directional file sync, and CRC file comparison and verification. The software also lets you copy files without interrupting your work and closing the program you are using, including Word and Excel documents, Outlook Express, Outlook PST files, SQL databases, QuickBooks databases, etc. ViceVersa is a highly versatile and flexible program, offering you a wide range of features and functions, such as file archiving, compression and encryption, file revision and versioning, time synchronization, etc. It will also help you to keep your data protected and safe. ViceVersa works among PCs, e.g.


Desktop, Laptop, Server, Workstation, over network WAN, LAN, USB, VPN, and with any kind of storage media including external Zip disk, Hard Disk, CD-RW, USB drive, DVD, NAS (Network Attached Storage). Pros • Nice, fast, and well designed user interface. • It's able to schedule backups to multiple destinations.

Cons • Learning to use the program may be time consuming. • Not for beginners. Needs a good understanding of Windows OS and some computer knowledge.

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You Can Automatically Synchronize Conflicts When you synchronize two locations and a file has changed on both sides since the last synchronization, that file will be identified as a conflict by ViceVersa. Since the same file has changed on both sides, ViceVersa does not know which version to keep and which one to overwrite. Starting with ViceVersa PRO version 3 you can instruct ViceVersa to synchronize the conflict files by keeping the newer file and overwriting the older file and, at the same time, renaming the older file into filename_[timestamp]_CONFLICT.ext In this way, all files are synchronized including conflicts, but old conflict files will be renamed with a timestamp and still be kept in the same folder for potential review by the user. The option to activate renaming of conflicts is in profiles settings -> advanced settings and it is called: “ Synchronize files even if in conflict (synchronization method)” You Can Compare Files in Source and Target Using SHA-256 at the same time as CRC32 Starting with ViceVersa PRO version 3, there is a new option called ‘ Use also SHA-256 hash for comparison’.

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