Vietcong No Cd Patch 16

No-cd patch no-cd patches

I'm releasing it without any documentation. Main features include. Server fix.rar, Unofficial CD key in use server patch for Vietcong 2.

'Displayed is it. Belajar berhitung untuk anak tk. Bully have I done?'

Their tagline for the review is that its hard to aim at 15 frames per second. I guess its hard to review games with a shitbox of a computer.

This baby runs like a dream on my machine, and the ctds have stopped (for now). I like the multiplayer as a change of pace from BF1942’s cartoony pace. And I like the single player just as much, although I must say that the 2nd mission took me a long fricking time, 2 hours 18 minutes. I wasn’t bored, in fact I thought it was pretty intense pretending I was Elias in the tunnels. Afterwards, when I read the mission synopsis, I was shocked to remember that the mission began with a tank hunt. It was a fairly epic mission with many twists and turns. However, I’m looking forward to working with my squad again.

I hope gamespot gives it something over 8.5. Hmm With two mediocure reviews, my personal Vietcong slider is being moved from ‘Must Buy’ to ‘Wait and See’. About the only negative was the crappy framerate due to copy protection, which is easily fixed (though granted it shouldn’t have been there). The rest of the review was positive and ended saying that he recommends getting it And personally I wouldn’t take anything IGN and Gamespot reviewers have to say over the opinion of all the people playing the game on these boards or other places like GoneGold where the majority of people are loving it. Not to mention the other reviews it has received have also been positive: My Gamer - 96% Telefragged - 89% Games Depot - 4/5. This is such a great, great shooter.

It’s original and highly immersive. If reviewers give it a mediocre score, I have no idea what they’re smoking. Most of the criticisms seem to center around technical issues (crashes, copy protection, excessive slowdowns, etc) of which I’ve had none. Maybe it’s because I tweaked the startup settings? For reference here is what I selected: Fullscreen ON (duh) Disable Sounds OFF (duh) Triple Buffer ON (not required if you know vsync is off) Prefer 16 bit textures OFF Disable DXTn textures OFF (important, you want texture compression) Disable DXTn lightmaps ON* Fit textures in video memory The last 4 are probably the most significant ones, so pay attention to those. I was using the last nVidia release and DX8.1 for the first few hours of gameplay. I recently upgraded to latest nVidia drivers and DX9.

No change in stability for me, worked equally well in both cases. • Lightmaps look like ass compressed. This may actually be a result of some of the technical writing I did for gamebasement where we tracked the “skittles, taste the rainbow” Quake3 compression artifacts to blanket compression of all textures, even textures that made no sense to compress such as lightmaps.

There was also a nVidia bug where enabling compression forced 16-bit output even on 32-bit textures; I think that’s been fixed in the GeForce 4. Greg, 7.9 is a shitty number. Look at the reader reviews: 8.8 That is spot on. Your review reads fine, but 7.9 is a shitty number. I’m too drunk to back up my statements, but I just thought I’d share.

7.9 = arbitrary bullshit 8.8 = accurate The reader reviews for VietCong are up to 9.0 now. I’m not sure why certain reviewers seem to have a frequent disconnect between what they think is fun, and what their readers think is fun. After this, and Splinter Cell (kasavin 8.6, readers 9.3), I think it’s high time that Kasavin recalibrated his funometer. Or else I’m going to have to come over there and fucking confiscate it. Already read it.

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