Vikram Kamal Tamil Movie Songs

Music composer Ghibran has started scoring the songs for Chiyaan Vikram's upcoming film with Thoongaa Vanam director Rajesh M Selva. The untitled film is being jointly produced by Kamal Haasan’s Raaj Kamal Films and Trident Arts. As Rajesh M Selva had previously worked with Ghibran in Thoongaa Vanam, their partnership continues with this new film.

Kamal Haasan’s younger daughter Akshara plays an important role in the film. 'Started composing for @RKFI_Official & #Vikram Sir. I am on this project with my talented director who is also a great musician @RajeshMSelva! Once again working with my favorite crew @kunal_rajan and team. Excited', tweeted Ghibran.


Jul 1, 2017 - Color Finesse 3 Download. July 3, 2017. Contoh Soal Olimpiade Ips Smp 2012. July 1, 2017. Download Film Final Fantasy 7 Subtitle Indonesia. With Kamal Haasan, Sathyaraj, Ambika, Santhana Bharathi. Vikram was one of the ambitious film projects of kamal, who collaborated with writer Sujatha. Vikram had a good cast, lovely locales, melodious songs, gorgeous heroines & a.

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Rao,chief of the Research & Analysis Wing () mulls over the dangerous prospects of the missile falling into terrorists' hands and finally pick the now off-duty agent Commander Arun Kumar Vikram (), to locate the AgniPutra with some resentment. The Secretary in the office, Thangaraj (), and passes informs Sugirtharaja about Vikram, who sends a henchmen () to kill Vikram. The plan fails as Vikram's three-month old pregnant wife (), accidentally get shot.

Enraged Vikram returns to duty and rebukes Rao for the costly leak and deftly exposes the mole, the secretary. After torturing, Thangaraj names Sugirtharaja as the mastermind in front of the panel, and jumps to his death without giving any further details. Desperate to find the missile, which is designed to within 10 days, Rao introduces Vikram to a computer expert Preethi (), who knows the design of AgniPutra's on-board computer and its functions.

Initially annoyed with Vikram's brutal ways, she mellows down eventually. Sugirtharaja's henchmen () destroys all evidences at Thangaraj's home, before Vikram and Preethi arrives in. The ensuing chase ends at cinema theatre, playing a documentary news reel about India-Salamia friendship, where Vikram spots Sugirtharaja.