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Yatsenyuk as Minister of Foreign Affairs meeting with United States Secretary of State Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada [ ] In the early parliamentary elections held on September 30, 2007, Yatsenyuk was from (number 3 in the bloc's member list). Gradjevinski dnevnik obrazac pep 2. On December 3, 2007, he was nominated for the position of the from the democratic coalition formed from the and Our Ukraine–People's Self-Defense Bloc. On December 4, 2007, Yatsenyuk was elected the Chairman of the Parliament. His candidacy was the only in the ballot, and he obtained 227 votes in favor (from the democratic coalition; opposition abstained from the voting). During the Yatsenyuk offered his resignation on September 17, 2008.

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A vote on his dismissal on November 11, 2008, was declared invalid by the counting commission of the Parliament (the vote was proposed by opposition party ). On November 12, a total of 233 of 226 required deputies satisfied the resignation statement of Yatsenyuk and thus dismissed him from his post of Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. The voting was carried out through the parliaments voting system and not by means of secret ballots, as stipulated by the parliamentary regulations. After his dismissal Yatsenyuk told journalists that he will form a new political force 'for change in the country.' On November 21, 2008, Yatsenyuk was also dismissed by from the. 2010 presidential campaign [ ].

Vyazanij Kot Opisanie

Arseniy Yatsenyuk (First round) – percentage of total national vote (6.69%) On December 16, 2008, Yatsenyuk announced plans to create a political party on basis of the public initiative. Samsung edc program. In an interview with of February 4, 2009, he claimed to have no allies among the contemporary politicians. He has often been referred to as a political clone lacking differentiating policies of Ukraine's President,. Polls held in the last months of 2008 suggested a political party led by Yatsenyuk would pass the 3 percent in a. On April 5, 2009, Yatsenyuk announced his candidacy for in the.

During the election, campaign fellow candidate repeatedly insulted Yatsenyuk because of his alleged Jewish roots, among others Ratushniak called Yatsenyuk an 'impudent little Jew' who was 'successfully serving the thieves who are in power in Ukraine and is using criminal money to plough ahead towards Ukraine's presidency'. Yatsenyuk's presidential campaign was estimated to cost about $60–$70 million. When Yatsenyuk billboards first appeared around Ukraine at the end of June 2009, Yatseniuk was depicted as a military-style leader, while his previous image was that of a 'young liberal'. Some analysts think that this did not help the campaign. On January 13, 2010, Yatseniuk stated that his election campaign had cost 80 million and that 'The number of my advertising posters is ten times less than that of all of my political opponents'; Yatseniuk claimed that funds from his election budget were mainly spent on his appearances on television.