Wow Item Dupe Hack 335

Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. [Item dupe] Item duplicating with macro #3137. Closed blackone opened this Issue Sep 20, 2011 35 comments. TDB: 335.11.42+ This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view.

[EDIT]Because some do not believe that this is real, here is a less edited version of the ticket from While i didn't want to give you any ideas, just go ahead and do what you want.

I didn't edit the scenario part [Edit2] Since a ton of people think is fake, here the original snapshot, i only covered his name so people wont report him cos he was helpfull. Please check the armory of all people from chat. Realm is Ravencrest / europe Right so i saw tons of TCG mounts in AH selling for less and less and less, and more and more and more amounts so i opened a ticket. Konverter formata doc v latex pdf. The GM clearly confirmed that people dupe items, and they can't stop it.

Only thing they do is ban them. My last message says 'Is it possible or not', one crossed by red line. Max quality here. Okay, you people, what would be the POINT of faking this?

Huawei b683 port forward number. Other than the fact that it brings attention to the duping issue. I have no reason to believe this isn't a legit conversation, but the point comes across regardless - the duping issue is out there and it's obviously messing with server economy.The way I read it, it kinda comes across as Blizzard has the means to stop it, but simply won't because it would take too much resources.

That alone is enough fuel to ignite some fires in gaming communities. There's your reason.

It seems pretty simply put to me. Oh and as for his English maybe the GM was on EU servers? I don't know. Ask OP -They have the ability to tell who is duping.

-They acknowledged (at the end of the 2nd part shown of the chat) they know ways to do it. -They then told you they just have a lot of bullshit they have to do to make sure people don't start bitching at them. Given that info: Do you really think they're going to tell any random person how it happens like you wanted to know so bad? On a related note: Some people say 'JUST BAN WHOEVER MAY EVEN BE HACKING/DUPING'. Do you think we wouldn't have random jackasses complaining 'OMWTFBBQ GOSH GUYS. MY BRO AFK BOTTED IN AV AND I GOT PERMABANNED' or do you think Blizzard would have to make it easy to appeal bans to prevent them the headache for all the hundreds of thousands of assholes who don't understand the importance of changing their password?

That sounds terrible.

This file has been downloaded 1658 times. Download The Hack. Start WoW and Login, then start the Hack. You need two Chars. One with the Items or gold you want to duplicate. One who will recieve the Items.

Start our Hack. Make sure in the 'Window Name' box is your World of Warcraft Window name (normally its 'World of Warcraft') 6. Login with your Char who have the Items to duplicate. 7.Press 'start mailing' and wait untilthe status text is 'mailing'. Send the items and/or gold to your other char. Click 'finished mailing' and wait until the Status text 'finished it' appears. Log on your second char and you got two new Mails instead of one.